Why You Need A Clipper Keeper

Extends Cord life


The Clipper Keeper will keep your clippers from wearing out. Over time, hanging clippers destroys cords. But the Clipper Keeper’s patented revolutionary design takes the stress off your cords. That extends the life of the cords and saves you money.


Clipper keeper is ideal for barbers on the go. Its convenient and comfortable shoulder strap makes it easy for you to keep your clippers with you while you’re on the move. Use the new easy release hinges to remove the lid for use at your station or on the go.


Don’t worry about your equipment while you’re away from your station. Protect it in the Clipper Keeper’s corrosion-resistant aluminum and sturdy panel casing. And for even more peace of mind, you can add a lock to secure your clippers with the Clipper Keeper’s durable latches.


Clipper Keeper’s compartments make it easy to keep your station clean.


Dimensions (Single Case)

Height: 3 ½ “

Width: 11”

Length: 22”

Weight:8 lbs

Dimensions (Carton of four)

Height: 24.5

Length: 23.5

Width: 13.5

Weight: 41

Included accessories

  • Blade holder compartment

  • Hidden compartment

  • Shoulder strap

  • Detachable Mirror

  • Extra nylon pull-string bag

  • Cushion pad